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Three 61cm aperture Klevtsov telescopes

Feb 28, 2003.

Three 61cm aperture Klevtsov telescopes are now in service at the European Southern Observatory for Near Earth Object asteroid patrol!
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Yuri Klevtsov's optical design was chosen for the following reasons:

  • economical compared to conventional optical systems of comparable performance,
  • compact size permits a light weight tubular structure,
  • focal ratio can be optimized for various applications.

The Klevtsov's models now are adjusted

Nov 1, 2002.

TAL-200K back

The design of Klevtsov's TAL-150K and TAL-200K optical tube assemblies is changed. The back cover now has openings allowing to have access to primary mirror adjustment bolts. These openings are normally covered by removable shield. Users now have an ability to perform adjustment of primary mirror by themselves. TAL offer to every customer who purchased the telescope earlier and now suppose that his telescope needs collimation to exchange old style back cover/focuser unit for new style unit. Every customer interested in this offer should contact his dealer. Exchange will be realized free of charge.

TAL products debut at NEAF

Jun 5, 2002.

For the first time in North America, TAL's full product range was on display at the recent NEAF astronomy show in Suffern, NY. This is one of the largest Astronomy Conferences in N. America and is hosted and organised by the Rockland Astronomy Club. Most major telescope and accessory manufacturers were in attendance.



Visitors to the show were impressed with the overall quality of the TAL products and the wide selection of models available. Malcolm Bird of Talscopes reports that the interest was very high from both the viewing public and dealers alike. He says 'The NEAF show was a great introduction for TAL. The attendance and interest levels were very high. We will definitely be attending NEAF next year!'

For information on TAL products in N. America, or for a dealer near you - contact please

New articles are publish

Feb 7, 2002.

Article from magazine "Sky & Telescope" for 1981 is placed in section of articles. Instead of using the Maksutov meniscus as a full-aperture corrector, design presented here use a small meniscus located in the convergent beam of light from the spherical primary mirror. By Ralph W. Field. [More detail >>]

Jan 22, 2002.

Interesting article from magazine "Scientific American" for 1972 is placed in section of articles. Modified Maksutov' scheme, one of variants of Argunov' / Klevtsov' scheme is described by Robert J.Magee. [More detail >>]

A new collimator with a 12" diameter parabolic mirror

Dec 2001.

A new collimator with a 12" (300mm) diameter parabolic mirror of 3156mm focal length has entered service. It is intended for quality control and determining the resolution of telescopes up to 300mm aperture. It will play a vital role in the creation of a 250mm a telescope based on Klevtsov's design.

Our exclusive North American

30 Oct 2001.

Novosibirsk is pleased to announce the appointment of the firm Talscopes (Canada) as our exclusive North American. Details can be found on their website at Talscopes will be responsible for all aspects of sales, marketing, distribution, and service of our astronomical telescope products, under the direction of Malcom Bird, an amateur astronomer and management professional.

Polish firm HIMPOL became factory's the exclusive dealer

In August 2001Grzegorz Matosek, a representative of Polish firm HIMPOL, visited Novosibirsk. During our meetings, the development of amateur astronomy in Poland was discussed and future contracts for delivery of telescopes and accessories to Poland were signed. The HIMPOL firm became factory's the exclusive dealer in Poland.

The new model TAL-150P8

The new model TAL-150P8, developed on the basis of telescope TAL-2, has the following refinements:

  • Parabolic primary mirror;
  • The major axis of the diagonal mirror is reduced to 30 mm (TAL-2 has a 40 mm major axis diagonal) to improve image contrast by minimizing central obstruction;
  • A 2-inch format focuser (with adapter for 1.25-inch eyepieces);
  • The linear range of focusser is increased to +30 mm (TAL-2 has +12 mm).

Other characteristics are similar to those of the TAL-2 model.

Tests of a new, improved mount

Tests of a new, improved mount for the TAL-150K model are currently in progress. This mount will be capable of supporting all of the telescopes in the TAL line except the small TAL and TAL-M reflectors. The project should be completed early in 2002. Features of the new mount include:

  • DC stepper motor drive instead of the AC synchronous motor drive;
  • Three tracking speeds: sidereal, solar, and lunar;
  • Hand controller for varying the motor speed over a wide range (+50%);
  • The direction of rotation of the motor can be reversed to permit operation in the southern hemisphere;
  • A polar boresight is included for ease of precisely aligning the polar axis on the celestial pole.
New mount for TAL series of telescopesDC stepper motor drive for TAL series of telescopes

New Ultra Wide Angle eyepiece

A new Ultra wide-angle 8-element eyepiece with a focal length of 24mm is now available. Full multi-coatings on all air-glass surfaces and an 80 degree field of view. This eyepiece is the first in a series of 2"-format eyepieces.

Optical schemeTAL eyepieces
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