People, which are engaged in telescopes
Kim M. Chvarts, director

Director Kim M. Chvarts bears overall responsibility for the manufacture and marketing of telescopes.

Georgi Badalian

Engineer Georgi Badalian directs telescope design efforts.

Leonid Sikoruk

In 1980 Leonid Sikoruk persuaded factory managers to manufacture the TAL telescopes, an event that marked an important milestone for Russian amateurs.

Yuri Klevtsov

Optical designer Yuri Klevtsov devised a novel all-spherical catadioptric system that is more economical to produce than the coveted Maksutov-Cassegrain, yet offers comparable performance.

Valeri Plesovskih

Valeri Plesovskih, Deputy Director of the Export Department, directs the shipment of telescopes worldwide.

Sergei Maslikov

Sergei Maslikov, astronomer, webmaster, and sales manager. His article in the September, 2001 issue of Sky & Telescope tells the story of amateur astronomy in Russia.

Vladimir Wolf

Vladimir Wolf, webmaster, programmer, and sales manager.

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