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Don't be deceived by the modest aperture of the TAL-M! It is rare to find this level of mechanical attention lavished on an instrument of this size. The TAL-M features a very sturdy mounting that can be used in either an altazimuth or equatorial mode. In addition, the tube assembly can be rotated to provide the most comfortable eyepiece location. The butter-smooth helical focuser incorporates a unique integral 25mm aperture finderscope with a ball detent click stop to permit rapidly alternating between the finderscope and the Newtonian focus using the same eyepiece. In addition to providing pleasing views of lunar craters and the rings of Saturn, the TAL-M makes a delightful rich-field telescope for sweeping the star fields of the Milky Way or observing comets. Even if you already own a larger and more sophisticated instrument, the TAL-M will serve as a handy "grab and look" scope or travelling companion.

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Standard Specification

Aperture, mm


Focal length, mm


Focal ratio


Magnification, min

21x (f=25mm)

Magnification, max

139x (f=15mm and Barlow Lens & Sleeve provides)

Optical scheme


Minimum observing distance, m


Dimensions, mm


Weight of the telescope, kg





  • Micrometric slow-motion controls on both axes with a range ±5,5°.
  • Fully adjustable mirror cells for precise collimation.
  • Stable pedestal stand provides a choice of two heights for table-top or free-standing use.
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