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Based on a novel optical design by Klevtsov, the versatile TAL-150K is the ideal instrument for the advanced amateur astronomer who desires high resolution and excellent light-gathering power (limiting visual magnitude 13) in a highly portable telescope.

The TAL-150K provides an aperture of 150mm and focal length of 1550mm in a very compact tube length of only 425mm (17 inches). Klevtsov's revolutionary catadioptric design employs a sub-aperture meniscus correcting lens (like the familiar Maksutov) combined with a Mangin mirror-lens secondary. Its fast focal ratio of f/10.3, flat field, and excellent correction of coma, spherical aberration, and astigmatism (14 micron star images at a distance of 10mm from the optical axis!) make the TAL-150K a superb instrument for astrophotography, far surpassing conventional Schmidt-Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chretien systems.

The telescope is supplied with an 6x30mm finder with a 8 degree field of view, an equatorial mount with motor drive in Right Ascension and manual slow-motion in Declination, two eyepieces of 25mm and 10mm focal length, and a 2x Barlow lens. At the customer's request, the mounting can be supplied either on a rigid metal pedestal or a hardwood tripod. A fitted wood carrying case is also included.

To comfortably observe objects near the zenith, a diagonal mirror which diverts the light path by 90 degrees is also supplied, as well as an adaptor for 35mm SLR cameras.

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Standard Specification

Aperture, mm


Focal length, mm


Focal ratio


Resolving power


Limiting visual magnitude


Magnification, min

60x (f=25mm)

Magnification, max

320x (f =10mm & Barlow 2x)

Optical scheme


Angular photographic field

40' (23.3mm)

Angular visual field, max

41' (f=25mm)

Angular visual field, min

8' (f =10mm & Barlow 2x)

Central obstruction area, %


Length of tube / with focuser, mm


Latitude range of mounting




Magnification of the finderscope


Angular field of finderscope

Voltage of the supplying mains, V

220 (110) ±10%

Current frequency, Hz

50 (60)

Output voltage of the supply unit, V

12 ±10%

Weight of the tube, kg


Weight of the telescope, kg


Weight of the telescope packed, kg



Optical scheme of TAL-150K telescope
Optical scheme of TAL-150K telescope: corrector partOptical scheme of TAL-150K telescope: primary mirror part
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