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The Cassegrain system dates back to 1672; over those three centuries, is was modified many times. One of such modifications resulted in a large undistorted field of view, which is especially important for photography of celestial objects. Authors of this system, American astronomer George Ritchey and French optician A. Cretien in the first half of the 20th century suggested using hyperbolical primary and secondary mirrors. Since that time, the Ritchey-Cretien system has been generally accepted by both professional astronomers and amateurs striving for high quality astronomical photographs.

Only few manufacturing companies in the world offer such optics to amateur astronomers, because manufacturing of mirrors with hyperbolical surfaces is a complex process, and thus, the cost of such telescopes is considerably higher than that of regular Newtonians and Cassegrains.

In Russia, such optics has been manufactured for 10 years by Novosibirsk company ASTROSIB (Director General and Head Constructor Anton Saveliev).

ASTROSIB’s two main Ritchey-Cretien system models, 250 mm (10”) and 360 mm (14”) telescopes, enjoy world-wide recognition, and fantastic photos made with the help of these telescopes are published in journals on Astronomy and in the Internet.

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10" Astrosib RC-250
14" Astrosib RC-360

Novosibirsk, telescopes page Russian telescope: 250mm, f/8 for amateur astronomers

The main distinctive features of these models are:

  • Manual finish of optical surfaces on the final stage of manufacturing;
  • Quality control of separate optical elements and of the system in its entirety;
  • The possibility of use of various photo- and CCD receivers with the line field of 6-by-7-centimeter format up to 2” and 1.25” standards.
  • The use of non-corrosive materials and high quality exterior finish.
  • Its open tube allows the instrument to adapt quickly to the surrounding temperature and thus becomes ready for observation quickly.
  • Primary and secondary mirrors can be adjusted manually, which allows for the best quality of observation.
  • High-performance illuminated-reticle 8ő50 finderscope.
  • Warranty service throughout the entire period of the telescope’s work.

ASTROSIB manufactures tube mounting plates to fit any mount the customer chooses. Safe shipping to any place on the globe is guaranteed by a sturdy fitted wooden crate.

Despite the shipping costs and dealer markup, the prices of Russian telescopes remain competitive, particularly when the high quality of their design and construction is taken into account. We sell only the big telescopes (RC-250, RC-360, TAL-250K, TAL-200K, TAL-150K, TAL-125R) to individual buyers. We guarantee speedy and safe delivery to any country. Telescopes are shipped following receipt of payment. Favorable terms will be extended to established dealers.



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