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   Viewing devices: YM8-2 monocular
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It is designed for viewing remote objects positioned at a distance of 5m and more in the open air in any season as well as on the sports stadium, in the theatre and so on. It is handy in service and has small dimensions and mass. The diopter setting by an observer's eye and focusing on the object to be observed is carried out by rotation of the objective at the same time.

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Standard Specification

Clear aperture, mm




Field of view, deg

Exit pupil diameter, mm


Limiting resolution, arc. sec


Diopter adjustment, diopter


Overall dimensions of the device, mm


Weight of the device, kg



Rugged, all metal construction. Turn upuside down and use as a magnifying glass (ideal for numismatists, philatelists, engineers, geologists, biologists, etc.). Available in blue, black, gray and khaki/green.

"A scant four ounces and produced to military specs!" - Soldier of Fortune

"Great glass...exceptionally crisp" - Shooting Industry

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