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It is intended for terrian observation and viewing the various objects removed at a distance up to 6000 m from the observer and for determination of the range in the day-time.

The monocular is provided with a bracket for fixation to the various objects (a tree, stub and so on). The removable light filter and blind make it possible to increase the image contrast of the objects to be viewed.

The night resolution, smooth change of magnification, wide range of the eyepiece diopter setting ensure a wide use of the monocular by nature-lovers, mountain-climbers, tourists and hunters.

The monocular operates at the ambient temperature from +40C to -20C and relative humidity of 98% at the temperature of 25C.

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Standard Specification

Clear aperture, mm



from 4 to 20

Diopter adjustment, diopter

from -5 to +10

Overall dimensions of the device, mm


Weight of the device, kg



"An ideal addition to your next hunting or camping trip - sensational image quality." - American Survival Guide

"Rare and wonderful - high quality optics - collecting coup." - Soldier of Fortune

Also featured in "Ducks Unlimited", "Whitetail Shotgunner" and other publications.

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