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   Night vision devices: Helios-03
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"Helios-03" is light-weight compact night vision scope intended for observation and terrain orientation at night by natural light of the Moon and stars as well as in conditions of low illumination intensity and in full darkness. Build-in IR-Illuminator allows to make an observation in full darkness. Device has automatic high light protection circuit.

Monocular is completed with adapters M49x0.75 and M37x0.75 which are allow to mount a monocular on camera and video camera and to operate at night.

Design of monocular provides a mechanical safety and protection from the rain, snow and dust. The monocular can operate at the ambient temperature from minus 10C to 40C and relative humidity of maximum 80% at the temperature of 25C.

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Standard Specification



Focal length of objective lens, mm




Angular field of view, degree


Adjustment range of eyepieces, diopter



2 AA

Voltage supply, mA, not more

40mA without illuminator

Operating Temperature

from -10C to +40C

Dimensions, mm


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