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It is possible to mount sights on the hunting and sporting rifled guns by means of fitting bracket. The sights ensure easy and precise aiming of the gun in the various conditions of visibility and atmosphere at the ambient temperature from -40C till +40C.

The sights have two drums provided with the scales which can input the required corrections in the vertical and horizontal planes in registration and firing. For the firing at night the sights are completed with an additional illuminating system. For supplying the sights one makes use of two cells AA.

PO4x24 scope is a civil version of military telescopic sight PSO-1.
PO 6x36
PO 2.5x18
See also night sights PN-4K and PN-6K.

Side rail (left) and top rail (right) mounts

Despite the shipping costs and dealer markup, the prices of sights remain competitive, particularly when the high quality of their design and construction is taken into account. The telescopic sights can be salled at wholesale basis only. Minimum quantity is 50 pcs.

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We guarantee speedy and safe delivery to any country. Sights are shipped following receipt of payment. Favorable terms will be extended to established dealers.


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