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Night vision devices are intended for observation and terrain orientation at night by natural light of the Moon and stars as well as in conditions of low illumination intensity and in full darkness. All devices are equipped with automatic high light protection circuits.

Gen 1

D-141 sight

D-141: night vision sight

D-143 sight

D-143: night vision sight

Gen 2+

PN-17K sight

PN-17K: russian night vision sight

PN-6K sight

PN-6K: russian night vision sight

PN-15K sight

PN-6K: russian night vision sight

PN-6K-5 day/night sight

PN-6K: russian night vision sight

Despite the shipping costs and dealer markup, the prices of Night Vision Devices remain competitive, particularly when the high quality of their design and construction is taken into account. Of course the cost of shipping a single Device will depend upon its weight and the location of the buyer.


We guarantee speedy and safe delivery to any country. Night Visions are shipped following receipt of payment. Favorable terms will be extended to established dealers.


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