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Night vision sight PN15K is intended for weapons having an upper sight mount. Due to a powerful 2+ Gen. image intensifier protected from short-time light striking and a unique optical design, PN15K allows pointing weapons at a distance of up to 500m under the moderate starlight (5x10-3 lx). The sight is equipped with elevation/windage adjustment mechanism and reticle illumination with brightness control. A removable light filter enables using the PN15K sight in the day time or under high illumination conditions. A soft rubber eyeshield makes operation comfortable. The sight is powered with two standard 1.5V AA batteries and can be used at a temperature ranging from -50 to +50 C.

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Standard Specification





  • image intensifier GEN 2+;
  • high light protection circuit ;
  • screen brightness automatic control circuit;
  • removable light filter for high light conditions;
  • reticule brightness control;
  • adjustment mechanism by height and direction;
  • soft rubber eyeshield;
  • possible to complete with adjustment mechanism and rechargeable unit;
  • operating temperature range from -50C to +50C.
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