Users and fans of Russian TAL telescopes
Thomas Dobbins

Dobbins family with TALs

Combining features of the Maksutov (meniscus corrector) and Schupmann medial (Mangin mirror) designs, the Klevtsov is a remarkably clever optical configuration. The fact that Klevtzov's design employs only spherical surfaces emerges as a strong advantage over many other catadioptric systems. Like a fine Maksutov-Cassegrain, my TAL-200K (serial # 0038) has an extremely smooth wavefront free of the small zonal errors that are so prevalent in mass-produced Schmidt-Cassegrains; in side-by-side comparisons with 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrains it invariably provides superior definition and light grasp. Stray light baffling is excellent, no hint of chromatic aberration can be detected, and stellar images are tiny pinpoints to the very edge of the field. When the atmosphere is steady, the TAL-200K easily tolerates magnifications of 400X, and I have enjoyed very satisfying views of Mars, Saturn, and minute lunar details like the tiny pit at the summit of the dome near the crater Kies. The disadvantage of the Klevtsov's open tube seems to be largely offset by its rapid thermal equilibration. In my opinion, it is a viable alternative to far more expensive Maksutov-Cassegrains.
Thomas Dobbins, Contributing Editor, Sky & Telescope magazine, renowned expert on the history of solar system observation.

Carlos E. Hernandez

The TAL-200K is a wonderful instrument and I would like to thank you and your company for producing such a fine instrument. I have much experience using many quality instruments, but yours is among the finest. I look forward to many future observations of the planets with this instrument. I am also looking forward in the future to the development of the 25-cm and 30-cm Klevtzov-Cassegrains which will increase my resolution gain even further. I hope that other observers/imagers discover your wonderful instruments. The best of luck to you and your company in the future.
Carlos E. Hernandez, well-known planetary observer specializing in Mars.

Giovanni Dal Lago

Giovanni Dal Lago
, Italy, vicedirector of COELUM ASTRONOMIA magazine

Bill Brady

Bill Brady
. Harwood Maryland, USA. A retired RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and OAO Corporation spacecraft operations and systems engineer, Bill worked the NASA SAS (Small Astronomy Satellite), IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer) projects and is most proud to have received the ASTP (Apollo Soyuz Test Project) international award given by the 3 Astronauts and 2 Cosmonauts to the support team. He spent six years on the Space Telescope project. He has been an amateur astronomer since the 1960's and is most interested in visual "hands on" observations. Bill is the list owner for the TALScopes eGroup and owns 3 TAL telescopes.

Tom Barrett

The performance of the 200K on Mars was very much better than the 250mm SCT I had been using showing a crisp, solid disc with good colour and no sign of breakdown under high magnification. Stars present as pinpoints right to the edge of the field and their colours are far more noticeable. ... I would not hesitate to recommend the 200K to any aspiring astrophotographer.
Tom Barrett, Australia.

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